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WPF Category Chart

This touch-enabled charting control makes visualizing category data a breeze. Built on top of the market's highest performing and feature rich data chart, the category chart simplifies the complexities of data visualization into a simplified API that anyone can use.


Easy Data Binding

Simply data bind a collection of data - or a collection of collections - to the ItemsSource property and the chart will analyze your data and automatically choose the best series to represent it. You don't need to customize the look and feel, the chart does it for you!

WPF Funnel Chart


A Wide Variety of Chart Types to Choose From

Make the most of your data with a chart for every need, including Line, Area, Column, Point, Spline, Waterfall and more.

Inverted & Arc Funnel


Intelligence & Style By Default

This intuitive control makes it so easy, you don't even need to set labels; the category chart will use the first appropriate string property that it finds within the data provided for your labels. By using a smart Data Adapter, the data is analyzed and the appropriate visualization is rendered all for you, easily and quickly.

WPF Bar Chart