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WPF Tile Manager

Fully configure the layout by enabling moving and resizing of tiles, and change the state of the tiles at run time.


Tile Layout

Arrange tiles explicitly as regimented columns and rows like in a Grid panel, even span multiple columns and rows or display them as a data-bound Items Control that automatically creates a series of tiles.

WPF Tiles Manager Layout Key Features Image


Drag and Drop

Supports the dragging and rearranging of tiles.

WPF Tiles Manager Drag and Drop Key Features Image 


State-Based Customization

Define different item templates and size constraints to your tiles and have them automatically applied when the state changes between minimized, minimized expanded, normal and maximized.

WPF Tiles Manager State Based Customization Key Features Image  


Tile Resizing

Supports the dynamic resizing of tiles with resizing indicators.

WPF Tiles Manager Resizing Key Features Image 



Built-in or custom-provided animations can play during state transitions of tiles. 

WPF Tiles Animation Manager Key Features Image  


Save/Load Layout

Save changes your users have made to the layout at run-time, and restore them later. 

WPF Tiles Manager Save and Load Key Features Image