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WPF Dialog Window

Add traditional, standard-looking Windows Forms dialog windows into your WPF line of business applications through flexible XAML templating, rich stylability and programmable dialog behaviors.


Dialog Window

Supports Modal and Modeless Windows and Visual State Manager based styling. 

The WPF dialog window supports multiple visual displays.


Customizable Header and Content

The header and content of the xamDialogWindow is 100% templatable with XAML using Visual Studio® 2010 or the latest versions of Expression Blend®. 

Customize the header and content of your dialog window.  



Similar to a desktop resizable dialog, end users can drag the borders of xamDialogWindow. 

User's can resize the dialog window to what best fits their needs.



The xamDialogWindow can open by positioning itself in the coordinates of its parent layout element. 

Position the dialog window to open in any specified location. 


Window States

The control supports the traditional 3-state window paradigm, allowing users to minimize, maximize and restore windows. 

Minimize, maximize and restore your dialog windows.