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WPF Drag & Drop Framework

Control and style the entire user experience from drag to drop with the Infragistics® Drag and Drop Framework that lets you add drag and drop behaviors to any UI element within your WPF application.


Drag & Drop Anything Anywhere

Add user-friendly drag-and-drop behaviors to any UIElement™ in your WPF application.


Customizable Cursors

Customize the appearance of the move, copy and "drop not allowed" cursors that appear during a drag operation.


Channel Concept

Associate your drag sources and drop targets with "channels". You can enforce many constraints, since items can only be dropped on sources if their channels are compatible.

Silverlight Drag Drop Channel Concept



Multiple events enable you to tap into all stages of the operation.



Drop Target Marker

A stylable, semitransparent marker is drawn to indicate this target can accept the item being dragged.