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Download WPF controls as part of Infragistics ULTIMATE

WPF Theme Manager

It has never been easier to apply themes to Infragistics controls.  The ThemeManager is a new component that gives our customers the ability to change the theme of a single control, or an entire application with a single line of code.  The ThemeManager will change the theme of all Infragistics controls as well as the common Microsoft controls we support.

Wpf Theme Manager 2

Application Level theme

You can change the theme of an entire application at design time or runtime by setting the ThemeManager.ApplicationTheme property.

Wpf Thememanager Application Level Theme

Control level theme

You can change or override a theme on a control level by using the ThemeManager.Theme attached property in the XAML markup.  To apply the theme to multiple controls in a single view, simply use the ThemeManager.Theme attached property at the root element in the logical tree (the top most parent of the controls).

Wpf Thememanager Applying Theme Control

Microsoft control support

Our ThemeManager supports the most common Microsoft controls, meaning that not only will our ThemeManager control the theme of Infragistics controls, but it will also apply the theme to the Microsoft controls.  There is a property on the Theme to turn off this support, just in case the customer doesn’t want us to theme the standard Microsoft controls in their applications.

Wpf Thememanager Ms Applying Theme

Extend existing themes

You can easily extend Infragistics existing themes by creating a class that derives from a built-in theme class, overriding the ConfigureControlMappings method, and adding custom resources that will be applied when the theme is used by the ThemeManager.

Wpf Thememanager Extend Existing Themes

Custom Themes

Easily create custom themes by creating a class that derives from ThemeBase, implement the abstract ConfigureControlMappings method, and then provide the necessary resource dictionaries that should be used when applying the theme with the ThemeManager.

Theme Manager Creatingnewtheme