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WPF Color Picker

Pick a color—any color—from the prismatic palette of this WPF dropdown with the full spectrum of functionality spanning pre-determined color palettes to advanced RGB, HSL and CMYK color composition.


Dropdown Palette UI

xamColorPicker is the dropdown editor for color selection using Red Green Blue (RGB), Hue Saturation Luminosity (HSL) or Cyan Magenta Yellow Black (CMYK) color models.

WPF Color Picker


Advanced Color Editor

Supports an advanced tab so your users can formulate their own colors in real-time and with an Alpha channel from any color model.

Users can generate their own colors with the WPF advanced color editor feature. 


Recent Color Palette

Saves Selected User Colors for re-use and rapid access. 

Colors most recently used are saved on a recent color palette for ease of access.


Derived Palettes

xamColorPicker can display one or more auto-generated palettes featuring alternate shades of color based on what color the user has selected. 

Display one or more auto-generated palettes based on what color the user has selected using the WPF color picker derived palettes feature.