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WPF Tab Control

Give users quick access to your WPF application’s business content in organized, scrollable, stackable, closable tabs. You can offer more robust tabbed user interfaces in less time for greater productivity.


WPF Tabbed UI

Improves upon the base WPF Tab Implementation with different styles and closable tabs.

The WPF tabbed UI control provides users with different styles and options for closing tabs or accessing additional tabs.


Scrollable Tabs

Stylable scroll buttons allow xamTabControl to support more tabs rather than becoming narrower and unreadable.

Use scroll tabs to access more tabular information without compromising the readability of the tab headings. 


Stackable Tabs

Supports stacking tab items for building dialog windows similar to Microsoft Office.

Stack tabs within a dialog window so that users scroll vertically instead of horizontally.


Close Button

Close buttons like those in Microsoft® Internet Explorer® or Mozilla® Firefox® give users a familiar way to make tabs close themselves.

Close tabs by utilizing the "x" button on each of the tabs.