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  • Re: unboundcheckbox column throwing js error

    Pls change IIS setting to render full page URL - something like <domain>.com/virdir/default.aspx and it shoud work in IE8.
    Posted To WebDataGrid (Forum) By nirajj On Mon, Jun 11 2012
  • ScriptResource.axd javascript error when dropping a node.

    Hello. I am getting an inssue in which when i drop certain nodes between others, the page hangs and the cursor flickers. Through debugging I have figured out that it is ocurring in ScripResource.axd in the "isRealLeafNode" function. See the attached screenshot for details. This doesn't...
    Posted To WebDataTree (Forum) By jmakuch On Fri, May 18 2012
  • Getting WebDataMenu Items from CSOM?

    I cannot figure out how to get the WebDataMenu javascript Infragistics object. With WebToolbar there was a " igtbar_getToolbarById " function. I also have been unsuccessful using " $find( "<% =WebDataMenu1.ClientID %>" ) ". I was able to get an object using "...
    Posted To WebDataMenu (Forum) By jonnydock On Wed, May 16 2012
  • Re-display selected text on blur

    Is there a way to reset the displayed text in the dropdown textbox to the selected item's text on blur? SCENARIO: User clicks in WDD text box and types a few characters A full post-back fires to retrieve a list of values to populate the dropdown items with values beginning with the characters typed...
    Posted To WebDropDown (Forum) By johnvrsm On Wed, May 9 2012
  • Deployment Issue - Control not appear properly

    Hi, I am using V11.2 controls. when i deployed my application, the control are not appearing properly and the images of control (for example, the down arrow image for webdropdown and prev-next for WebImageViewer) are not getting displayed . The controls also lack their default syle (no custom...
    Posted To Configuration and Deployment (Forum) By Parthiban_Sekar On Tue, Apr 10 2012
  • URGENT HELP NEEDED ->>>>>Force URL to open in tab in IE7

    Hello, I have a link in my webdatagrid as follows: I open the link using following: var PageURL = "XYZ.aspx?XYZID=" + rows.get_cell(8).get_value();, "", "menubar=1,resizable=1,location=1,scrollbars=1"); Now my problem is that, it works perfectly fine...
    Posted To WebDataGrid (Forum) By Bebu On Thu, Mar 22 2012
  • Clientside select all and select none

    Hello, I want integrate a Checkbox in the webdropdown, with this I want to select all Items or deselect all items. Because I have 100 Items in my WebDropDown with multiselection, now I need a long time to select or deselect all items. Can anyone help me? Thank you Reiner
    Posted To WebDropDown (Forum) By seffer On Mon, Mar 12 2012
  • WebDataGrid 10.3.20103.1013 Add row using javascript

    Hi All, I am trying to add a new row to the grid using javascript using the following: var cust = { "iRowIndex": rowCount, "CustLName":"Cruise","nvchType":"The type"}; grid.get_rows().add(cust); I get an error saying Invalid Cast Exception: Unable to...
    Posted To WebDataGrid (Forum) By omkar12345 On Sun, Mar 4 2012
  • UltraGrid sorting issue

    I am using Infragistics Ultrawebgrid on my asp page,now I need to sort data based on user clicked columns but every time i don't want to fetch the records from the table. I have enabled the in-build sorting property but at certain situations the sorting is not in sorted order ,here when the user...
    Posted To WebDataGrid (Forum) By anbusel On Wed, Dec 14 2011
  • How to check expanded mode of Node in Ultrawebtree using javascript

    Hi Guyz, THanks in advance for replying me. I want to check the mode of each node using javascript.I mean node is in expanded mode or collapse mode.Please let me know if any one have any idea about it.
    Posted To WebTree (Forum) By majida On Fri, Dec 2 2011
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