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Windows Forms Barcode

Identify physical assets quickly and accurately with Windows Forms controls that produce on-screen barcode images conformant to the world’s most popular and widely-used barcode symbologies.

Accurate Identification

Display standard barcode formats that will allow you to accurately identify SKUs, GTINs, parcels, cartons, pallets and more. 

WPF Barcode


Automatic Check Digits

We calculate check digits for you according to each barcode symbology's standard algorithm to enable optimal error-detection and in some cases robust error-correction as well.

Automatic check digit calculations ensure an error-free symbology creation. 


Accurate Stretching

You have complete control over the height and width of the barcode image, and how or whether it should respect an aspect ratio. 

Users can control the height and width of a barcode image using the WPF accurate stretching feature.


Hiding Readable Text

Control whether you want to display the readable text underneath your barcode.

wpf hiding readable text