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Windows Forms Tile Panel

Balance glanceability with drilldown detail in an animated, content tile-based layout in which your users can discover the aspects of your application’s functionality and find the information that they need.

Animated Transitions

Expand and collapse content tiles to normal or large sizes, and rearrange tiles on the panel with animated transition effects.

Bring your user interface to life as tiles move and resize themselves to your users' actions with animated transitions. 

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Users can drag-and-drop tiles to rearrange them within the tile panel.

Events at both the tile panel-level and tile-level allow you to react before, during and after drag operations. 

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Add/Remove Tiles

You can quickly add/remove tiles to the tile panel at design-time, and dynamically add/remove tiles at run-time.

Add or remove tiles programmatically at run-time to dynamically change the tiles seen by your users. 

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Focus Tile UX Pattern

WinTilePanel provides you with a ready-made implementation of the Focus Tile UX pattern allowing your users to browse, discover and drilldown into arbitrary content.

WinTilePanel provides you with a ready-made implementation of the Focus Tile UX pattern. 


Customizable Content

You can present custom content in user controls or child controls within tiles. 

Customizable Content 

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Load/Save Layouts

Programmatically save the layout of tiles that the user is working with, and then you can easily restore that layout later. 

Save and load tile layouts. 

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