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Windows Forms Frameworks

WinForms Frameworks

Working with Microsoft® Excel®, XPS, Microsoft® Word®, or Adobe file formats has never been easier, thanks to their lack of application dependency. You don’t need applications like Word, Excel or Acrobat installed on your machine with our Frameworks. Easily read and write .XLS, .XLT, .XLSX*, .XLTX*, .XLSM*,.XLTM*, ExcelML, Doc & DocX file formats. In addition to our document libraries, you get Shapes support, Templates, Page Breaks, Print Area, Data Validation, and more.

Our Syntax Parsing Framework is a fully functional parser engine that can take a programming language and parse it into its language-specific tokens, keywords and constructs. This library, in conjunction with a RichTextEditor, can provide full-blown language editing capabilities with text highlighting.  With full EBNF support, you can feed in a language’s EBNF and the syntax library will be able to parse it through and recognize the keywords, tokens and language construct.  Even attach a RichTextEditor – Easily attach the syntax library to RichTextEditor, enabling the user to edit the language currently loaded in the Syntax Library. Then, highlight language keywords, mark for errors and compile the language using the text editor.