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Window Forms Pie Chart

Create simple or exploded pie charts, with a customizable threshold for inclusion in an "Other" category, and text labels and images that can be displayed within or outside of the pie in a manner that avoids overlapping. Users can click or drill down to view underlying data, explode out a section of the pie, and get information via tooltips.

Other Category

The “Others” category in the Pie Chart control can be used to group the smaller data values into one slice. Use the drop-down in the Threshold Category to select a threshold value and see how the smaller slices are grouped into one slice labeled "Others".

Others Category to manage smaller data values into one slice


Fully Customizable

Use the Pie Chart control to set the Radius Factor, the Exploded Radius and the Start Angle.

Fully Customizable Pie Chart -- set radius factor, exploded radius and start angle


Pie Chart Labels

You can even customize the Label Extent and Label Position.

Customize Pie Chart labels