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Window Forms Doughnut Chart

Express your data with multiple series using this rich Doughnut Chart. Similar to a Pie Chart, the Doughnut Chart is used to show categorical statistics expressed in percentages. Yet with its hollow center, it's best for displaying multiple series using concentric rings where each ring represents a data series. Bind easily to data, configure the inner radius, display exploded slices, customize themes, and more with this well-rounded control.

Multiple Ring Series & Data-Binding

The Doughnut Chart supports one or more rings surrounding a hollow or empty center. The center may either be a "blank circle" or may contain a label. The center does not typically represent data. Each ring represents a separate data series that you data-bind to a data source via the DataSource property.

Doughnut Chart: Multiple Ring Series and Data-binding


Configurable Inner Radius

The inner radius of the Doughnut Chart center is configurable, allowing you to select the center as an object and extend the boundary or set the inner radius via a property setting.

Configurable Inner Radius


Slice/Selection Labeling

Control how slices or sections of the Doughnut Chart are labeled. Options are available to automatically select how the labels are displayed inside or outside the chart, including:

  • No labels
  • Labels displayed at the center inside of each section/slide
  • Labels displayed outside of each section/slice, with a configurable LabelExtent distance
  • A BestFit method which automatically chooses whether each label should be displayed inside or outside the chart

Slice/Selection Labeling


Slice Selection & Explosion

Allow users to select slices and change the color of selected slices. Exploded slices are disconnected and drawn at a distance from the origin. This distance is controlled via a configurable property. Slices can be selected or exploded either programmatically or using touch and mouse gestures.

Slice Selection and Explosion


"Others" Category

The underlying data for any Doughnut Chart can often contain small value items, too numerous to display in a significant manner via separate slices. For such occasions, the "Others" category allows for automatic aggregation of several data values into a single slice. You can set the threshold to designate which values get their own slice and which values will get rolled under 'Others.'

Others category to manage smaller values in one slice



Customize and style the Doughnut Chart to your app design and your brand. Simple properties are exposed to easily style the outlines and brush fill colors of the slices, allowing you to use solid colors as well as gradients.

Style the doughnut chart to your design and brand


Legend Support

The Doughnut Chart supports the automatic display of a legend which identifies each series displayed as a data ring, as well as each slice/section within a data ring.

Legend support