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Windows Forms Message Box Manager

Stylishly get your message across with this fully-compatible, drop-in successor to the standard Windows Forms message box that’s completely stylable to match your application’s global look and feel.

MessageBox Compatibility

Easily replace your pre-existing references to the Windows Forms Message Box with Message Box Manager. It exposes most of the same Show() method overloads.

MessageBoxManager is interchangeable with the MessageBox control.

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Formatted Text

Outshine ordinary message boxes by displaying formatted text in different fonts, colors, sizes and styles.

Outshine ordinary message boxes by adding text that can appear in different fonts, sizes, colors and styles. 

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Keep message box text concise by referring users to supplementary information through hyperlinks.

You can include hyperlinks in the formatted text to make supplementary information accessible to users without adding unnecessary detail to your messaging. 

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Application Styling

Full support for the Application Styling Framework™ means that your message box will always fit in with your application's global look and feel.

Conform your global application look and feel through AppStylist® with UI role-based gradients, images, or any of the features supported. 

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