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Windows Forms Splitter

Divide and conquer the user interface to give users total control over the layout of their workspace in Windows Forms. You can subdivide, resize, and even collapse content panes.

Resizing Behavior

Your users can resize application panes in real time by sliding the splitter in either direction, subject to the size constraints you set.

Resize the application panes by dragging the splitter to the desired location.

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Collapse / Restore

Users can instantly collapse or restore to the previous extent an application pane by using the splitter's collapse and restore buttons. 

Allow your users to easily collapse and restore application panes to the previous extent. 

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Orient your splitter horizontally or vertically within the window.

Setup your splitter to work horizontally or vertically. 

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Application Styling

Full support for the Application Styling Framework™ means that your splitter will always fit in with your application's global look and feel. 

Conform your global application look and feel through AppStylist® with UI role-based gradients, images, or any of the features that our Appearances objects support.