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WinForms Data Chart Control

Take full advantage of touch, animate data over time using the innovative Motion Framework, create composite charts, and use multiple series with our updated Windows Forms Data Chart control. You get heavy duty data visualization and a virtually endless array of series, including Line, Stacked 100-Line Series, Area, Stacked 100-Area, Bar, Stacked Bar Series, Bubble Series, Column, Stacked Column, Stacked 100-Column, Point, Spline, Spline Area, Step Line, Range Column, Waterfall, Scatter Line, Polar, Radial, Candlestick, and more.


Real Time Charting with Millions of Data Points

With this release, we’ve significantly enhanced the speed and performance of our Data Chart. You’ll notice a big improvement when you need this chart to display millions of data points and update itself every few milliseconds to handle your real-time feeds.

A Variety of Financial Indicators and Trend Lines

The DataChart comes complete with 34 Financial Indicators such as Average True Ranger Indicator, Force Index Indicator and Positive Volume Indicator. In addition, you can pick from more than a dozen trend lines and one of two financial overlays: Bollinger Bands Overlay or Price Channel Overlay.


Axes and Legend Support

With support for multiple axes and datetime axis, zooming for both single and multi-axis and zoom interaction with mousewheel & window drag, your users are able to scale the axis both linearly and logarithmically and across axis values. Besides being able to support chart title, subtitle, axis titles, text rotation, gridlines and radial chart y-axis, the DataChart also makes it possible to create multiple legends. 



Multiple Interactions

Get a fully interactive experience with gesture and touch support, including pinch & zoom, pan, and press and hold. Or add mouse or hover interaction for background highlights and bar, slice, or area highlights, along with tooltip labels and gradient brushes to style your chart as desired.