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Windows Forms Layout Managers

Organize and manage control position and behavior in your Windows Forms application with these layout managers that support flow and grid bag constraint algorithms.

WinFlow Layout Manager

Let your Windows Forms flow elements much like a Web page. Items flow from left to right (or top to bottom, depending on orientation), and move as the form resizes.

WinForms Layout Managers

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WinGrid Bag Layout Manager

The GridBagLayoutManager is a layout engine that uses an invisible, virtual grid to automatically re-arrange items in response to a change in the size of the form. Items are positioned within rows and columns, and the layout manager determines item size based on the available area, and the constraints of all other visible items. Settings such as MinimumSize, PreferredSize, Insets, WeightX and WeightY affect the item size and positioning. These settings give you a great deal of control over the layout while still providing the ability to adapt flexibly to changes in screen area.

Win Grid Bag Layout Manager 

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