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Download Windows Forms controls as part of Infragistics ULTIMATE

Windows Forms Extras

Add finishing touches to any application with these handy controls and components for many different situations like progress bars, rounded buttons, validation, and much more.

Extras includes the following controls: Activity Indicator, Animation, Button, Calculator, Drop Down Button, Formatted Link Label, Label, Popup Container, Progress Bar, Scroll Bar, Status Bar, Tooltip Manager, Validator

Activity Indicator

Marquee-style continuous or bounce back animation that occupies users' attention during long-running processes such as installations.

Always let your users know when a long running process is still occuring. 

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Popup Container

Make anything appear off of a dropdown.

Use the Windows Forms popup container feature to provide more interactive options for users. 

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Scrollbar and Status Bar

Show progress text on top of a progress bar.

View accompany descriptive text to the status bar and utilize the scrollbar to see more information.

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Scrollbar Resizing

Scrollbars adjust to fit the window.

Scrollbar Resizing

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Validate Windows Forms control values for correctness.

Use the Windows Forms validation feature to verify data values entered in your applications.

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