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Windows Forms Excel Framework

Import and export Microsoft® Excel® workbooks in high-fidelity with the compiled assembly that reads and writes in the widely-interoperable XLS/XLSX/ExcelML file format. With absolutely no Excel dependency, your desktop application can run completely independent of Excel, and Excel does not have to be installed alongside your application.

Excel with No Excel

Bring the portability of workbook files in Microsoft® Excel® 2010 compatible file formats (.XLS, .XLSX and ExcelML) that run completely independently of Microsoft Excel, so you do not require it to be installed on the client or server.

Run Excel-type files completely independently of Microsoft-Excel.

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Read or Write ExcelML

Use the compiled assembly to read in existing Excel files from the user's local system, or generate new Excel files and save them in the widely compatible .XLS, .XLSX and ExcelML formats.

Share information with other users by exporting to .XLS, .XLSX and ExcelML formats.

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100% Managed

This is not a wrapper around native OLE file system libraries, and not a callback to server-side code.

Run Excel-type files completely independently of Microsoft-Excel.  


Workbook Object Model

Represents the gamut of Excel objects available including Workbooks, Worksheets, Cells, Formulas and many more (Only Bitmap backgrounds are supported at this time).

Represent Excel objects.

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