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Windows Forms - Pivot Grid

Get the facts straight with the Windows Forms pivot grid that lets your users slice, dice and filter the multidimensional data of your OLAP cube or data warehouse, putting the full power of online analytical processing within your Windows Forms applications. And we've even simplified the binding process so it's even easier to connect the Pivot Grid to a database table.


Business Intelligence

Our Windows Forms OLAP Pivot Grid lets users work with multidimensional data (MDX) from your cubes, data warehouses from XMLA SAP and Oracle, or Microsoft® SQL Server® Analysis Services. Unlock the potential of your data warehouses, your OLAP cubes and your multidimensional data stores using the Windows Forms pivot grid.



Intuitive Drag and Drop

Users intuitively drag and drop fields from the field selector onto the Pivot Grid and rearrange the fields within row and column groups to see their data sliced and diced however they wish.


Interactive Filtering & Analysis

Users can select filtering options so that they only see the data pertinent to their analysis.


Deeper Drilldown

Expandable row and column fields to allow your users to drilldown into the data to extract meaning from the numbers. Expand any dimensions shown on the Windows Forms OLAP pivot grid to drilldown into the data.