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Windows Forms Radial Menu

Inspired by Microsoft OneNote, the Radial Menu is a new user interface pattern that optimizes the experience of menu navigation & selection on a touch device.

 Windowsforms Radial Main

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OneNote Familiarity

Give your users the best experience possible with the Radial Menu’s familiar Microsoft-inspired user interface.

 Windowsforms Radial Onenote


Drill-Down & Navigation

The radial menu contains a hierarchical structure of items, such as font selection or color selection that a user can interact with using touch or mouse input. We’ve included all of the tools you’d expect in a Radial menu, enabling you to select colors, numbers, use a Numeric Gauge, List or set Font propertie

Windowsforms Radial Drill Down


Easy Styling

Customizing the Radial Menu is easy when you use either the component's properties or the AppStylist, by creating a style library file, which can be saved and used for multiple Radial Menu components.

Windowsforms Radial Styling