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Windows Forms App Stylist

Not only do we ship common styles for Windows, Office and dozens of custom styles, you can also use AppStylist, a stand-alone application that lets designers and developers create and edit any style with ease. AppStylist styles every minute detail of your application with a familiar UI that includes:


This section shows an example of your current style while dynamically updating whenever you change the style's settings.

 Windowsforms Appstylist Canvas


Style Explorer

This section lets you select styles that you want to modify as well as change those styles based on the role they will play in either a user interface or as an individual component.

Windowsforms Style Explorer



This section will be where most of your design efforts will take place, as it is the core section for changing the look and feel of different states.

 Windowsforms Appstylist Properties


Office-Inspired Infragistics Style Libraries

With updated Infragistics Style Libraries, you can easily create familiar interfaces that will wow your users. Turn your application into an Excel 2013 lookalike by using the new Excel 2013 ISL, or build an easy-to-understand Outlook-style interface with the new Outlook 2013 ISL, both in white, light gray, and dark gray themes.