Using xamWebGrid Edit Mode Events

Learn to use the CellEnteredEditMode and CellExitingEditMode events to fill a ComboBox inside an edit template. See how this approach greatly simplifies data binding to a ComboBox within the grid.

Duration: 10:31


  • As long as you are doing a two-way binding to the data in your original data source your grid will pick up any changes.

  • Nice Article

    How would you do that within Same Grid ?

    Say we are showing Sales Person Name from Reference Table, along with Columns, SalesPersonEmail,SalesPersonTelephone,SalesPersonFax.

    All the Columns are in the Same Grid, whenever i change the name of Sales Person, i want other columns to be updated with new email,Tepelphone and Fax number of the selected Sales Person.

    How would that be achieved using Only one Web Grid ?