Silverlight 4 with Jeff Prosise

Jeff Prosise joins the show to discuss the details surrounding the new LOB features of Silverlight 4 beta.



Silverlight & WPF

  • Silverlight getting better and better
  • Delta between WPF and Silverlight is getting smaller and smaller
  • Jeff and Craig discuss the question of “will Silverlight kill WPF”?
  • Jeff makes the case that Silverlight is one of the best things to every happen to WPF
  • Silverlight is for browser applications (especially when client diversity exists)

Printing Support

  • Pages are rasterized before sent to the print queue
  • Simple API used to detect multiple page
  • Printed page does not have to be the XAML shown to the user

Webcam & Microphone Support

  • Uses OS hosted device support
  • API makes listing devices easy
  • Easy to take a snapshot, but processing video is more involved
  • Jeff hopes to provide infrastructure code to help process raw media streams if the Silverlight team doesn’t add it formally to the framework

File System Access

  • Only available for out of browser applications running with elevated permissions

Elevated Permissions

  • Silverlight transparency model
  • In Silverlight 4 has expanded file system access in contrast to what is available in Silverlight 3

COM Automation on Hosted Machine

HTML Hosting

  • Elevated permissions are not required, but an out of browser application is needed
  • Elevated permissions are needed to access cross domain downloads
  • Silverlight’s HTML rendering control is it’s own browser and is not dependent on any other browser

The Future?

  • Expanded device access
  • Full 3D support

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