The Secret to Successful User Experiences

Jeff Veen knows the secret of successful user experiences - and he's ready to share. Jeff is Design Manager at Google for the application division. Jeff helped bring web standards to Wired Magazine, helped shape Blogger and Flickr and was a founding member of Adaptive Path.

You can find out more about Jeff here:

The Future of User Experience

Forget any boundaries you may have placed around user experiences in the past. Some amazing new technology proves to take human-computer interation to some exciting places. In Clara Moskowitz's article, New Contact Lenses Go Bionic she explores an electronic contact capable of projecting images on top of reality. Don't want someting in your eyes, but prefer an interface on your arm? Gizmodo tells us about cell phone interface that is powered by your blood and is tatooed on your arm. Crazy stuff!

User Experience a la Google

Did you know you can make money as a researcher in Google's User Experience Research program? Money or not I am sure it's fun for researchers to get a look at what Google is doing before it hits market.

Luke W has an interesting post about the process that Google uses to ensure design simplicity. In User Experience: the Google Way, Luke tells us that:

To maintain its "simple" UE, Google follows a 20/5 rule for feature inclusion. If a particular feature or function does not have 20% adoption (based mostly on click through data), it does not show up on a core page. If a feature does not have 5% adoption it does not show up within Preferences.

Now that is some serious user experience research!

Jeff Veen wrote an interesting post introducing Indi Young's new book: "Mental Models".