MIX08 Keynote Highlights

Fresh off the presses from our MIX08 coverage we bring you a special show with highlights from the keynote addresses. Along with what you get over at the MIX sessions page, we also have personal interviews with Scott Guthrie and Guy Kawasaki.

Shows like MIX are great for the technical content, but the real value is being able to spend time with smart, influential, talented and fun people.

Did I say talented? We all know that Scott Hanselman can code like nobody's business, but who knew he can play Rock Band drums with the best of them? :)




Big thanks go out to thank Microsoft Developer Evangelist Josh Holmes who introduced me to a number of amazing people.

There are also a couple other podcast that were gathering coverage at the show. Make sure to check out Thirsy Developer and Sparkling Client. Thirsty Developer is run by Dave Bost and Larry Clarkin and runs a variety of content of interest to application developers. Sparkling Client is a show all about Silverlight run by Erik and Monica Mork.

Also make sure to check out the events happening on The Code Trip. Microsoft Developer Evangelist Woody Pewitt is on the road and holding community events thoughout March and Apirl. Check it out!

Finally, if you haven't checked out Podder - the ultimate WPF podcatcher - by Josh Smith and Grant Hinkson you are missing out! Podder offers user experience leaps and bounds over any other podcatcher you've ever seen.