Creating Immersive Silverlight Video Experiences

The web was a-buzz after MIX this year with the strong commitment the Olympic Games is making to Silverlight. The team demonstrated a stunning system that will perhaps for the first time make television on over the internet and on the computer not only a viable option, but a compelling alternative.

But the Olympics solution isn’t the only game in town…

Peter Matuchniak from Technicolor takes us on a tour of the new system they are working on for satellite cable networks to stream live video to the web via Silverlight.

The experience isn't just high-quality video in your web browser. Peter and his team of designers have developed some engaging UI features that keep viewers involved in the selected stream as well as aspects of immersive programming, community involvement, impulse shopping and new monetization outlets.

You can watch the interview by starting the video in the player above, or you can listen to or download the audio version of the show below:


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