Coining "Ajax" and Seeing the Future

Craig Shoemaker talks with co-founder and president of Adaptive Path Jesse James Garrett about his experiences in creating the Elements of User Experience, the Visual Vocabulary and coining the term "Ajax".

Jesse and his team have worked with some of the most recognizable properties on the web. Companies such as Flickr, Blogger, BitTorrentMicrosoft and Intel have all leaned on Adaptive Path’s strength in crafting user interaction.

While many recent innovations have largely surrounded advancements in software, Jesse tells us about Adaptive Path’s curiosity into the new hardware that's making waves in computing to take user experiences to the next level.


Read Jesse's book, "The Elements of User Experience":

Elements of User Experience

Phillips Ambient window

During the show we talk about some of the advances in hardware and the impact we see in the market in light of these changes. Below is a demonstration of the Phillips "ambient window" that gives you total control to the light mood of a room. The below video is just under 4 minutes long and worth every second of your time.


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Professional ASp.NET 3.5

Here's a screen shot of the Top 100 Books taken on the afternoon of May 6th (the list is updated hourly).

Professional ASP.NET 3.5 Amazon Ranking in top 5!

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