John Gossman Architects WPF

John Gossman, Microsoft Architect for WPF and Silverlight, discusses his experiences watching WPF mature into the powerful framework it is today. John tells us about the trials and tribulations of building Expression Blend on a primitive WPF platform. He also discusses the value of the Model View ViewModel design pattern and gives hints on the best way to learn WPF.

Model View ViewModel Resources

For some reason, the Model View Controller (MVC) flavored design patterns often seem to be the most difficult for us as developers to truly "get". While the MVC resources are bountiful, the Model View ViewModel (MVVM) materials are a little leaner. The following is a list of MVVM resources to get you up-and-running fast:

TechEd 2008

I will be at the Infragistics booth recording interviews with TechEd speakers, industry luminaries and you! Feel free to stop by the booth and say hi.

If you are will be around on Monday 6/2 join me and over 100 of Jeffery Palermo’s closest friends at the TechEd 2008 Developers Party with Palermo.

Party with Palermo

Infragistics Wins the CODiE Award

NetAdvantage took top honors in the "Best Software Development Solution" category in this year's SIIA CODiE Awards. The Academy is hereby thanked.