Avoiding Ready-Fire-Aim UX Design

Adaptive Path’s Senior Interaction Designer Kim Lenox and Design Technologist Dan Harrelson share their experiences in how to think through the UX design process. Adaptive Path uses many tools to help guide their thinking like research-based design and injecting users directly in the design process.

Topics discussed in the show are:

  • Often we design features and functions. We should design for unmet needs and pain points
  • Extreme Programming discipline of having a user as a part of the team is very useful
  • Getting rid of the "you had to be there" problem
  • Common areas where people stop short in UX design
    • Willingness to have a bad UX, because it's too difficult
  • Areas to pay special attention
    • User interface
    • Performance
    • Error handling
    • Not breaking out of the "framework" box


UX in the Wild : Advertisting Done Right

I came across this Dice/Dilbert widget that caught my attention. This is how you get people to notice your advertisting!

TechEd Developer 2008

I am making final preparations for TechEd. We will be recording at booth number 1208. Here's a sample of some of the people we'll be chatting with:

  • Dave Platt
  • Kate Gregory
  • Steve Smith
  • Ted Neward
  • Udi Dahan
  • Pete LePage

If you want to come by and ask questions or be involved in the interviews, feel free!