Top Web Design Mistakes

Pete LePage is Product Manager of Internet Explorer Developer Division and he doesn’t want your web site to stink. Sharing from his talk given at TechEd 2008, Pete highlights 10 common web design mistakes and tells you how you can bypass the same blunders. Pete also tells us how future features of Internet Explorer will help your visitors leave your site with a smile.

Pete mentioned a number of resources to make your life easier.

The Mistakes

The following list is Pete's designated top 10 mistakes.

  1. Lousy and out-of-date content
  2. Non-designers doing design work
  3. Obtrusive Advertisements
  4. Poor Search Engine Optimization
  5. No Rich media Fail Over Experience
  6. Bad workflow for users
  7. Incosistent site design
  8. No easy navigation
  9. Not isolating hacks
  10. Errors in code

Mistakes Right Here

In the vein of "lousy content" in our previous show, Full Disclosure Debugging, I mistakenly credited authorship of a blog post entitled "Easier Debugging with Attributes" to the wrong person. Rob Prouse is the man of the hour and runs an insightful blog over at I am glad I made this mistake... after looking over Rob's blog a little closer I found quite a few gems. I am now a subscriber - you should be too!

Laughable Lessons Learned

Vince Flanders of Web Pages That Suck offers a hilarous critique of web design gone up in smoke.

Sometimes learning from the best can mean learning from the best mistakes. Check out Vince's list of 2007's top offending web pages for further instruction.

(Seriously guys... some of these mistakes have no place in 2007!)

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