Learning to Build on Rich UI Platforms

Famed developer, speaker and author Billy Hollis joins the show today to discuss why developers need to avoid stagnation and keep pressing forward. Billy also shares some pragmatic wisdom of how to approach building on a rich UI platform.

Billy's Advice For Approaching WPF and Silverlight

  • You need to know a significant amount WPF to be effective. Expect that you will flounder - the tools are a little immature, but you have to adjust the model of how you approach building applications.
  • WinForms is still viable choice for new applications - just choose it for the right reasons. If you want to ensure a long shelf life - use WPF. Also if your application sets a high bar for UX consider WPF or Silverlight.
  • Over the next 3 years the bar will raise for minimally accepted UX
  • New patterns will emerge in conjunction with the new features of the rich UI platforms
  • It’s easy to over-use features of a rich UI platform. Animation use animation sparingly and carefully.
  • Blend can be a good starting point for developers who appreciate the advantages of code.
  • Production application should adhere to DRY (don’t repeat yourself) principal. If you are not careful using Blend may lead to duplicate code.

Billy's New WPF Book

WPF Bootcamp

If you are looking to learn about WPF and the Infragistics WPF controls make sure to check out the WPF Bootcamp. Here is a list of upcoming sessions:

  • Chicago – Aug 11-14
  • Seattle – Sep 8-11
  • Dallas Oct 6-9
  • London Oct 27-30
  • Atlanta Nov 2-6
  • San Diego Dec 8-11

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