Implementing MVVM & Exploring UX Design Patterns

Implementing Model-View-ViewModel in XAML Applications

Learn to implement Model-View-ViewModel in both Silverlight and WPF. Tim Heuer takes the help to demonstrate the Silverlight project while Josh Smith tackles the WPF implementation.

Apples to Apples Comparison: MVVM in Sliverlight and WPF

The charge was simple: create a quiz application in using the MVVM design pattern so we could all compare the implementation "apples to apples".

Quince: UX Patterns Explorer

This week we feature an interview with User Experience Designer, Ambrose Little who introduces Qunice. Qunice is a user experience patterns explorer with some unique content and contribution features.

Developers and designers alike will find hours of inspiration in the wealth of design patterns cataloged on the site. Looking to implement a new feature in your application and wondering if some of the design challenges have already been overcome? Quince is the place to look.


Rich internet application developers should pay special attention to the design of Qunice itself. The application features trackable URLs, synchronization with the back and forward browser buttons, HTML overlay and client state management.

Congratulations Grant Hinkson!

Bitster is a submission by Grant Hinkson that came in as a runner up in the MIX 09 10K contest. Grant’s application will take images and pixilate them into a marquee look. The interesting thing about his submission is that Bitster doesn’t just cycle through a set of images, but allows you to upload your own to the viewer. Check it out!