• ItemsSource for XamDockManager Elements

    A number of people have asked about binding the ItemsSource of a TabGroupPane to their collection. This is not supported by the TabGroupPane so I thought I would explain why and provide an alternative approach. If you’re looking to bind the DocumentContentHost or even a specific SplitPane to a collection, you should still read on as this solution will allow for that as well.

    The TabGroupPane is a derived ItemsControl…

    • Tue, Jan 12 2010
  • Common Style Issues when using the Theme property


    There are a couple of Style related issues that I see often. The first is a case where you have set our Theme property but some of the elements do not appear to be following the look for that theme. The other is a case where you have created a Style for a given element but your Style is not being used. To determine what is happening it is helpful to understand how Styles are located/resolved by WPF. I’m going…

    • Wed, Dec 9 2009
  • Hosting WPF Controls in a XamDataGrid Cell

    By default, the elements used to display and edit values in a XamDataGrid cell are based on the ValueEditor associated with that Field. The EditorType and/or EditorStyle is used to determine which ValueEditor derived class (e.g. XamTextEditor, XamMaskedEditor, etc.) should be used. If those are not specified a default one is chosen based on the resolved EditAsType.

    One way to provide a control for a cell is to create…

    • Fri, Mar 27 2009
  • BitmapEffects

    BitmapEffects should be used sparingly since currently1 they are software rendered but judicious limited usage of them can provide some nice effects for your application. In some cases, their usage is necessary to duplicate a particular look and feel - e.g. using a OuterGlowBitmapEffect to mimic the glow around text in the title area of the ribbon window. However, BitmapEffects are not allowed when running in a limited…

    • Wed, Apr 9 2008
  • MousePanning in WPF

    Many applications such as Microsoft Office and web browsers provide the ability to scroll by pressing down the middle mouse button and dragging in the direction that you want to scroll. This feature is often referred to as mouse panning. When you press down the middle mouse button on a scrollable area, an indicator is displayed. This indicator usually has arrows that let you know whether you can scroll vertically and…

    • Fri, Apr 4 2008
  • Disabled Images in WPF

    I think most developers and end users have come to expect that when a menu item or button is disabled that the image and text within that item are displayed as grayed out. This provides a visual indication that the item is not available for use. I can understand why the Image element would not do this by default but I was surprised to find that there wasn't even an option to have it do this for you. If you have an Image…

    • Sun, Mar 30 2008