• Ignite Grids – Performance Tips and Tricks

    In this blog post, I would like to briefly outline some basic guidelines that can help you dramatically increase the page load speed and decrease the rendering time for the Ignite Grid components. We already have a performance guide which is part of our documentation, but I would like to extend on it, as well as talk about some new features that weren’t originally present when the performance guide was developed. This…

    • Fri, Mar 21 2014
  • Scheduling UI for Ignite

    You may have probably wondered why we still haven’t brought to you a full blown Scheduling/Calendar solution for Ignite. Well, there are a couple of reasons for this – one of them is that we’d like to make sure we focus on the best of breed feature rich LoB and DV components first – such as Grids and Charts. But more importantly – it’s because there are a number of existing jQuery plugins that can be easily extended in…

    • Wed, Mar 19 2014
  • Testing Web Applications with Selenium - Tips and Tricks

    When it comes to testing web apps, there are usually two main types of tests that we write – unit tests, which cover very specific parts of our JavaScript / server-side logic, and scenario UI tests, which cover everything and involve simulating real end user interactions.

    The nature of web apps is such that we cannot cover everything with unit tests, and we rely a lot on our scenario UI tests to catch regressions…

    • Mon, Mar 17 2014
  • IgniteUI ASP.NET MVC Scaffolding Support

    With the introduction of Visual Studio 2013 it has become quite easy to generate CRUD code in your ASP.NET MVC app with just a couple of clicks. The scaffolding support is also seamlessly integrated with Entity Framework. There are numerous resources which give a detailed overview of the new scaffolding support; here are a few of them:



    • Sun, Mar 16 2014
  • Ensuring Quality and Efficiency in a World of Multi-Platform Application Development

         As a component vendor, we are building software that satisfies the same business requirements and runs on multiple platforms. Many of our customers would like to have a chart or a grid on both WPF and Web. What happens in reality, though, is that we usually build this component for a specific platform first - like Win Forms. Then our customers like it a lot, and start asking - is this available for Web, we have to go…

    • Tue, Nov 12 2013
  • Using the Ignite UI Grid and Breeze.JS in a Hot Towel SPA – a complete CRUD app

       Couple of days ago, I’ve blogged about how easy and cool it is to integrate the Ignite UI grid with Durandal. In this blog post, I am going to explore the Hot Towel SPA template by John Papa, Breeze.JS, and develop a full-blown CRUD application using the Ignite UI grid in the view. 

    The Hot Towel SPA is an ASP.NET MVC project template which provides several things:

    •  Great project structure that gives you a starting…
    • Tue, Aug 6 2013
  • We’ve got Ignite UI Grids shining in a Durandal SPA for you

       Long time ago, the web was all about static HTML content, and a bit of inline styles. JavaScript was primarily used for alert boxes and falling snowflake scripts (that websites used to load around Christmas). Then came AJAX, and things started to look more serious and promising… Then JavaScript and HTML started to evolve quite quickly, we’ve got into the HTML5, jQuery and Node.JS era, and … Single Page Apps started to…

    • Thu, Aug 1 2013
  • Hacking AngularJS

    Updated the sample app to use Angular 1.2 :)

    In this blog post, i would like to cover two things:

    1) How I've extended AngularJS in order to support transaction logs (detailed diffs) for arrays. I've forked the project on github:


    2) How I've created a custom Angular directive for the Ignite UI grid

    As a result, you will see how the IgniteUI Grid integrates very…

    • Mon, Jun 17 2013
  • Fast Click support for IgniteUI on touch-enabled devices

    If you open a webapp on a touch device and start interacting with it - clicking on links, buttons, etc. - you will immediately notice that it feels sluggish and that there is a delay between the moment you tap with your finger, and the moment there is visible cue that some action starts executing. To be more precise, there is indeed a delay, and it is 300 ms - that's the time that will pass before a click event is fired…

    • Fri, Jun 7 2013
  • Developing a RESTful CRUD grid with IgniteUI, WebAPI and Entity Framework

    In a previous blog post of mine I have presented an application which tackles a create/read/update/delete scenario in the context of the IgniteUI grid. I have used frameworks such as MongoDB, Node.JS and Mongoose.

    In this blog post, I would like to present an application which uses WebAPI and Enitity Framework to talk to an Ignite UI grid. You are probably aware that the Ignite UI grid supports HTTP REST CRUD operations…

    • Thu, May 23 2013
  • Developing a CRUD grid with IgniteUI, Node.js, Express, Mongoose, MongoDB and Nginx

    In this blog post I am going to create a fully-functional JavaScript & HTML application from scratch, which supports RESTful CRUD operations. I am going to use the out of the box IgniteUI grid functionality for handling the creates, updates, deletes, and the retrieval of records.

    I’ve tried to create a simple architecture which, at the same time, satisfies the following conditions:

    1. High performance
    2. Production…
    • Wed, May 8 2013
  • Introducing TypeScript support for Ignite UI

    We are pleased to annouce complete TypeScript support for all Ignite UI widgets and non-visual components, such as the DataSource. 

    TypeScript has been recently introduced by Microsoft as a language and a set of tools around it, such as the TypeScript compiler which compiles TypeScript to JavaScript. TypeScript can be thought of as an "augmentation" of JavaScript which adds strong typing, class-based inheritance and many…

    • Sat, Oct 27 2012
  • jQuery Grids Unleashed – Flat Grid Architecture (JavaScript)

    jQuery Grids Unleashed – Flat Grid Architecture (JavaScript)

    We, at Infragistics, have worked very hard this year in order to deliver what we believe is the best JavaScript & HTML5 control toolset on the market. Following the recent 2011.2 release announcement, I would like to start a series of blog posts describing in detail what we have built, primarily focusing on architecture, design concepts, rendering, performance…

    • Mon, Nov 14 2011
  • NetAdvantage for jQuery & Windows 8 METRO – a nice blend!

    Microsoft has recently announced Windows 8 and METRO – a very exciting part of the platform is the ability to use JavaScript, HTML and JavaScript to write native METRO applications. Microsoft has created the Windows Library for JavaScript (WinJS) that serves as the foundation for METRO applications written in HTML and JavaScript.

    Having NetAdvantage for jQuery, a pure client-side stack for web development, it was…

    • Wed, Oct 19 2011