• Android Development with Eclipse–HelloWorld Tutorial

    Starting work with an unfamiliar tool can feel a little intimidating – there are so many unknowns that you never really know where to start and it’s hard to tell the important stuff from the things you’ll basically never touch.

    In these cases I usually start with something that works and make tiny changes until it morphs into something that does what I want it to (and still works). The idea is that I’ll be able to try…

    • Mon, Dec 31 2012
  • Infragistics’ Android Chart Tutorial-Getting Started

    Mobile controls are different to desktop ones, and android controls are different to those on other mobile platforms. Within all this variation though, charts traditionally stand out as the most complicated and difficult to work with.

    area series

    Getting started with a completely new control, especially a macro control with extended functionality can be a daunting task. To help you get started, I’m going to walk through the process…

    • Mon, Dec 31 2012
  • Getting Started with Android Development

    A lot of people are coming to Android development from a Windows Silverlight or WPF background, and whilst there are quite a few “getting started with Android Development” blogs, tutorials and even websites to be found all over the internet, there’s almost no help for the crucial step zero of getting started – setting up the development environment.

    Android applications are (for the most part) developed in Java. In principle…

    • Fri, Dec 28 2012
  • Hey Dave

    clip_image002Everybody’s talking about 3D these days. “Hey Dave, could you just put a 3D chart sample together real quick? Make sure you’ve got motion framework, tooltips, legends, markers, all that stuff. You know what I mean. Anytime this week is good.”

    Hopefully, the boss wasn’t looking for much more than a proof-of-concept, but that still isn’t a request you want to be getting the week before you’re planning on taking a bit of…

    • Fri, Aug 24 2012