• More Touch Support for NetAdvantage for ASP.NET and NetAdvantage for jQuery

    The web browser landscape changes rapidly. With the increased usage of mobile and touch platforms, Infragistics continues to make sure we are enhancing our existing toolsets to run well under modern touch and mobile platforms.

    I’m happy to announce that our ASP.NET AJAX-based controls (Aikido) and our jQuery-based controls in NetAdvantage for ASP.NET and NetAdvantage for jQuery are supported in the following browsers…
    • Thu, Jun 14 2012
  • WebDataGrid Manual CRUD


    WebDataGrid (WDG) has the capability to update the DataSource automatically if AutoCRUD property of EditingCore is set to true. What is “Manual CRUD”? This is a technique used by developers to persist all changes made in the grid UI to the DataSource by their own custom code. In this article I will go through the steps required to get WDG involved in Manual Crud scenario. I will demonstrate the setup of each behavior…

    • Fri, Feb 3 2012
  • How to more effectively get answers to your questions?


    This post will cover how to more effectively get answers to questions you have using Infragistics products. Note that if you have a license it is important for you to register your keys to ensure that you get the correct level of support when you post to our forums or submit support cases. If you need to register your key you can do so on this link.

    For more details on how our support systems work, see t…

    • Mon, Jan 16 2012