• Free Wireframing and Prototyping Tool

    Download Indigo Studio for FREE Yesterday we launched Indigo Studio, our free interaction design tool (i.e., storyboards, wireframing, interactive prototyping—all that stuff!). Version 1 is absolutely free, yours to keep forever. No strings attached. For real, dude!

    “Okay, so what’s the catch?” you are asking yourself. We’ve already had someone say “it’s too good to be free.” So lemme splain to, hopefully, ease your mind. We’re not being sneaky…

    • Fri, Nov 30 2012
  • Announcing Indigo Studio!

    Indigo Studio - Watch the Video We’re super thrilled to announce the release of our new rapid, code-free prototyping tool, Indigo Studio!

    With Indigo Studio, by the time you are done creating wireframes, you will have an interactive prototype ready to present and evaluate! If you want to know what Indigo Studio is all about, check out the Indigo Studio homepage, it’s a great place to start. We won’t bore you here by repeating all that information again…

    • Thu, Nov 29 2012