• Using XamRibbon ButtonTool in MVVM applications

    The Problem

    Using XamRibbon’s ButtonTool control in a MVVM application may present some challenges when attempting to wire-up binding against the control. The problem arises since the ButtonTool control inherits from the RibbonTool class which is not a framework element. A non-framework element class does not allow the ViewModel (set as the DataContext of the View) to be referenced in the binding of the Click event of…

    • Tue, Jul 26 2011
  • Using LinearGradientBrush background to mimic a bar chart

    This blog post was inspired by one from Alex Fidanov and uses its code.

    Looking at his sample I wondered if I can tweak the Age field some more so that the gradient used as a background to be more informative – to display an accurate graphic representation of the value. So I began playing with a LinearGradientBrush – I was looking for a way to display 2 colored LinearGradientBrush without the gradient part.…

    • Wed, Dec 8 2010