• Software Engineer Interview Questions

    Hiring is a tricky process. Employers need to identify a need for new skills, first being sure they aren’t somewhere already, hidden in their organization (it is so much better to hire from within).  Then, they need to advertise and get viable candidates.  Depending on the difficulty of sourcing good candidates, companies may partner with recruitment agents to assist.  Once they get to this stage the really hard…

    • Tue, May 21 2013
  • What’s in a Name? Job Titles for Software Engineers

    What’s in a title?  I guess it depends on whose title you are talking about.  When it comes to job titles, and one’s own, the subject can be quite contentious.  Many employees jealously guard titles, as often they are the only thing available to indicate seniority. Others just want a title that describes what they do.  Some of course don’t really care.

    The bigger issue comes when applying for a new job.…

    • Tue, May 14 2013