• Delete row/rows from any level in WebHierarchicalDataGrid

    Hello All,
    I hope the function below will be useful in scenarios that require deletion of rows from WHDG. The function  shows how to delete row from any level of WebHierarchicalDataGrid. We have used it in varies samples :

    <script type="text/javascript">
            function DeleteRow() {
                var grid = $find('<%= Me.WebHierarchicalDataGrid1.ClientID %>');
                var selection = grid.get_gridView().get_behaviors().get_selection…

    • Wed, Feb 16 2011
  • Manual CRUD WebHierarchicalDataGrid

    Hello all,

            I would like to share a sample implementation of one of the most common operations on data known as CRUD (Create Read Update and Delete) implemented with WebHierarchicalDataGrid. The grid is a really complex and easy to use component. The developer only needs take the right direction and take advantage of the grid’s reach feature set.  Samples showing the grid features can be found here .  
    • Sat, Dec 18 2010
  • Maintain scrollbar position on postback of WebDataTree control

    Hello Guys,
    Have you ever tried to maintain the scrollbar position of WebDataTree after postback ?  If the answer is “yes” you may run a search over the API of the control for properties that allow this behavior. At the moment this scenario is not supported “Out of the box” and the developer using the control needs to write a few lines of code to make the scrollbar position persistent.
    • Wed, Nov 3 2010