• Indigo Studio from a Developer Perspective

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    As a developer with nearly two decades of working in the trenches. I was skeptical the first time someone mentioned the term User Experience (UX). At the time I didn’t fully grasp the science and engineering involved with creating not just a good experience but a great one.  Like most developers I thought about the user interface from my point of view. I open the toolbox…

    • Tue, May 20 2014
  • Getting SharePoint and ASP.NET AJAX to Work Together

    While, working on Pomegranate I did a lot of research to figure out the best options for using the ASP.NET AJAX library under SharePoint. Unfortunately, I came across a lot of samples that did not work or only worked in some cases.  I am hoping in a future SharePoint service pack Microsoft includes a base AJAX web part that properly sets up the JavaScript to get AJAX to work.
    For Pomegranate we followed the approach outlined…
    • Tue, Jul 29 2008
  • Pomegranate (SharePoint) Exemplar Has Been Launched

    I am excited to announce the launch of Pomegranate. Pomegranate is a SharePoint 2007/ASP.NET 2.0 exemplar (reference) application. The main component of the application is a Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard that an insurance agent would use to track customer based Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
    Fiquare 1: http://sharepoint.infragistics.com (Dashboard)
    The dashbaord screen includes custom ASP.NET 2.0 web parts…
    • Tue, Jun 10 2008
  • Slides & Code Examples for IASA Talk (April 15)

    I had a great time speaking at the NYC Chapter of IASA on April 15 about UI Frameworks and Patterns. If you did not get a chance to attend I am giving a similar talk at the next Philly.Net Code Camp on May 17. Check out the Philly.Net Code Camp site for more details.
    Here are the Slide and Code from the UI Framework and Patterns presentation.
    • Tue, Apr 29 2008
  • Speaking at the next IASA Meeting in NYC


    I will be speaking next Tuesday (April 15) at the NYC chapter of IASA on UI Frameworks and Patterns. If you are in the area stop by as we dive into different patterns used for building enterprise applications.

    Here are the details about meeting


    UI Frameworks and Patterns: MVC, MVP, or MVPOO? Are you confused yet? This session dives into the common UI patterns and concepts used for building enterprise applications…

    • Fri, Apr 11 2008
  • Slides from Devscovery NYC

    I had a great time speaking last week in NYC at Devscovery. It was nice meeting a number of Infragistics customers and talking to them about our great products along with design best practices (Patterns, TDD, UX, etc…) and SharePoint development. I want to also thank my co-speakers: Ambrose Little, Devin Rader, and Andres Aguiar these guys are awesome and a lot of fun to work with on a daily bases. If you did not…

    • Fri, Apr 11 2008
  • The Birth of the Web vNext

    I have seen the future and it’s in the clouds. The day I have been waiting for more than a decade has finally arrived. Yesterday at Mix 08 conference Microsoft rolled out its vision for the next web revolution. In a nutshell the vision centers on using the web as a communication hub where all kinds of rich devices (PC, Media Centers, Phones, Games Consoles, etc…) interact with each other using services hosted in…
    • Thu, Mar 6 2008
  • MVC or MVP Pattern – Whats the difference?

    Over the years I have mentored many developers on using design patterns and best practices. One question that keeps coming up over and over again is: What are the differences between the Model View Controller (MVC) and Model View Presenter (MVP) patterns? Surprisingly the answer is more complex than what you would suspect. Part of reasons I think many developers shy away from using either pattern is the confusion over…
    • Wed, Oct 17 2007