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Installer installing the latest versions of assemblies

I have just uninstalled v15.2 and re-installed it.  The issue that I'm having is that the installer has (what I believe) installed the latest versions of the assemblies under 15.2.

However I need to be able to "revert" the installation to an older version of the assemblies (back to 15.2.20152.2023).  Since the assemblies are all located in the same can only contain 1 version of the same assembly.

Is there a way to "revert" to older assemblies for a particular version?

Thanks so much!

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    Hello Jim,

    When installing using the Platform Installer, there is an option to install the latest version of the volume which is on by default, so you would have to manually turn this option off in order to install the 1000 build of 15.2.

    You can get the version you need from here however. The version you have installed must be reverted to the 1000 build, and then you can run the install for the patch you need (in this case 2023):

    15.2.20152.xxxx(latest) -> 15.2.20152.1000 -> 15.2.20152.2023

    1.     Open Control Panel>Programs and Features
    2.     Click View Installed Updates
    3.     Locate your installed 15.2.20152.xxxx patch
    4.     Click this undesired patch and uninstall
    5.     run the installer for 15.2.20152.2023

    I will create a private support case with you regarding this issue and provide the download link to 2023 there. You can access that case through your support cases tab.

    Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.