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.xls export out of QAD

All, I have been struggling with Excel 2013 and Excel 2016 hangs when I perform numerous exports out of my QAD 2012 SE system. Normally I operate with 12 to 20 spreadsheets open at a time, and when Excel freezes or grinds to a halt with the infamous WHITE SCREEN OF DEATH, the solution is to kill Excel and recover workbooks. We have been asking QAD to create Excel exports in .xlsx format, but have been informed that this is would be available in QAD 2015 and later EE editions, which will not occur until mid-to-late 2018. 

I found out today that Ingragistics is the QAD business partner that provides the export capabilities to QAD, and you are not capable of updating QAD's 2012 SE (std edition). If that is indeed the case, I am asking your team if there is a know workaround to the Excel .xls and .xlsx compatibility issues, other than exporting to a .csv and introducing additional non-value-added steps of saving to .xlsx. Surely I'm not the first one to experience these issues.

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    We added support for the XLSX format in our Excel Engine in the 2008 Volume 3 release of NetAdvantage which was near the end of 2008.  If the third party application doesn't support XLSX then it is up to the third party application provider to either update the assemblies used in the application to be from the 2008 Volume 3 release or later or if already using a version of the excel engine that has XLSX support they would need to modify the code of the application so that that the XLSX format is used rather than XLS.

    Let me know if you have any questions.