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Infragistics upgradation from 2010.1 to 2015.1

I am trying to upgrade infragistics version 2010.1(infragistics netadvantage 2010.1) to version 2015.1(infragistics netadvantage 2015.1).Infragistic controls are used in a windows application. Basically, I am trying to upgrade the whole windows application. As part of that, I have upgraded the .NET framework from 3.5 to 4.5.1. Originally the windows app was developed on VS2008.I have opened the source code in VS2013 and migrated the source code and changed the .Net framework version. There are infragistic controls(2010.1 version) used in the windows app.I have to upgrade it to 2015.1. I have infragistics version 2010 and 2015 installed in my system. So, I could see a version utility tool in VS2013 "tools" menu option. There I can see "Upgrade to infragistics 15". I tried using that tool.But it was throwing some error which I didn't understand. Below are the errors I found in the utility log after the conversion has failed

Running vs2012/2013 Add-in UI version 15.1.20151.1000.

String was not recognized as valid boolean.the conversion has failed.

I am trying to do the changes manually by removing 2010.1 dlls from reference and adding 2015.1 dlls and by manually changing the namespaces in every file. But there are more than 200 files.