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Licensing question

I have a .NET library I've written that references Infragistics binaries (mainly for Excel integration). I'd like to package it and deploy it on nuget. This would imply users of my component would be getting Infragistics binaries. Is this legal on the basis that these are part of the redistributable package for Infragistics? Developers might not even realize that some Infragistics .dll's are included - if this is possible, what would my license agreement need to say about Infragistics, if anything?

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    The Infragistics binaries wouldn't be able to be included in your Nuget distribution as they can only be redistributed as part of an application. There are more details in section V. B of the license agreement.

    You could have a dependency on our private NuGet packages as you wouldn't be distributing our assemblies.  It will also be necessary for any developer using your library to have their own Infragistics license.

    Let me know if you have any questions.