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Install Infragistics on Visual Studio 2022


I've recently installed Visual Studio 2022 in my machine where I previously installed Visual Studio 2019 with Infragistics 2021.1.

What should I do to add Infragistics 2021.1 to my new Visual Studio 2022?

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    Thank you for contacting.

    I was hoping that  V2021.1 controls would automatically show up in the VS2022, did you open tha toolbar and check?

    If controls are not showing up then please try this .

    -Open the visual studio-> Extension( from the top menu) -> Infragistics-> choose V21.1 installer.

    Once installer launch ,select the product and Visual Studio extension and VS2022 extension checkbox and run the installer again.(attached screenshot for the reference ,i dont have VS2022 its just an exam)

    This should add control in VS2022 toolbox.



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