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Custom zoom functionality

Hi, so I am trying to create a zoom functionality for the XamDataChart using the zoom bars like the one in Python:

  • moving the mouse right, the chart zooms in horizontally (with mouse start position as zoom focus point)
  • moving the mouse left, the chart zooms out horizontally (with mouse start position as zoom focus point)

On the mouse_down event I have saved the starting X,Y of the mouse and the on the mouse_move I have this: 

if (e.RightButton == MouseButtonState.Pressed && Keyboard.Modifiers == ModifierKeys.Shift)
long deltaMouse;
GetXMousePositionOnChart(out var xpos);
GetYMousePositionOnChart(out var ypos);
var xMaxViewPort = xmDataChart.ViewportRect.Right;
var yMaxViewPort = xmDataChart.ViewportRect.Bottom;
var xAxis = xmDataChart.Axes[0];
var yAxis = xmDataChart.Axes[1];
var winRectContext = new Rect(0, 0, 1, 1);
var xScalerParams = new ScalerParams(winRectContext, xmDataChart.ViewportRect, xAxis.IsInverted);
var yScalerParams = new ScalerParams(winRectContext, xmDataChart.ViewportRect, yAxis.IsInverted);
if (xpos.Ticks > vm.XStartPosition)
deltaMouse = xpos.Ticks - vm.XStartPosition;

deltaMouse = vm.XStartPosition - xpos.Ticks;

var maxRange = vm.MaxTicks;
var chartCenter = (xmNumericSlider.MinValue + xmNumericSlider.MaxValue) / 2;
var deltaRangeMax = (deltaMouse * 0.05 * maxRange) + (vm.XStartPosition - chartCenter);
var deltaRangeMin = (deltaMouse * 0.05 * maxRange) - (vm.XStartPosition - chartCenter);

if (vm.XStartPosition != xpos.Ticks)
if (!xMaxViewPort.Equals(0))
xmDataChart.HorizontalZoombar.Range = new Range
Minimum = xAxis.GetScaledValue(deltaRangeMin, xScalerParams) / xMaxViewPort,
Maximum = xAxis.GetScaledValue(deltaRangeMax, xScalerParams) / xMaxViewPort

But the zoombars go crazy, what am I doing wrong?