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Azure pipe line set up


We are using infragistics "@infragistics/igniteui-angular": "~13.2.16" in our packge.json file.
We generated the token for one of the user accounts, and configured registry, username (email), token and always-true in .npmrc file.
Also, we have configured the varibales in in the pipeline. (as per the link But still, when the CI pipelines runs, it fails with below error

Error during npm install in Azure DevOps CI pipeline

GET 401 523ms (cache skip)
npm verb stack HttpErrorGeneral: 401 Unauthorized - GET - Unauthorized

If we relace "~" with "^", then it is giving 404 error.
npm http fetch GET 404 245ms (cache skip).

It is working fine locally. Can you please let us in this, how can we download the package in azure pipeline?