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Any news about Infragistics 8.3 and what will be included?
As subject.

Thanks in advance
Mike Evans
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    posted in reply to Torrey

    This is good info, thanks for taking the time to write it up.  You can email me at any time you have any more you want to talk about. 

    For items #1 and #3 in your list, we are going to look at getting those features into the next release or the one after it.  We are already working on 9.1 but we might be able to get one of the features in.  For item #2, I am going to get support involved.  I checked with the development team and they have not seen this bug yet, it definately shouldn't be happening. 

    The Outlook calendar integration is a cool idea.  I will look at what sort of provider we might be able to build for that. 

    On the documenation front - I am working with Tom Puglisi who runs the Docs group on a customer council for this.  Would you be interested in participatating?  Send me an email and I can give you more details, but the time commitment won't be huge, but your input can help us take the docs to the next level.





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